Getting Started

Get started on ASAM Connect with the User Guide below

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  Logging In

Click the button at the top right where it says Sign In, and type in the username and password you use to log in to

  View & Update Profile Information

To update your profile, click on the icon in the top right of your screen and then select the Profile button. From here, you can update your bio, educational background, job history, add a picture, and update your email subscription preferences. Items in the left column will re-route you to your membership profile to ensure we have these items correct in all our systems. Updates on the right side are stored only in ASAM Connect.

  What is a Community?

Communities are a group of people organized around a common subject defined by the community name and description. As ASAM Connect grows, there may be more communities to join.

  Joining a Community

To join a Special Interest Group, please use this form.
You will receive a welcome email when you have successfully joined your first community. 
In addition, when first joining the community, you will receive a notice about  ASAM’s Community Rules. Please read the community rules and click Agree prior to joining the community. You will not be allowed to access ASAM Connect without agreeing the terms and conditions. You can find ASAM's Community Rules under the Help tab within the navigation bar.

  Creating a Discussion Post

To start a discussion, click Participate on the top navigation bar and choose Start a Discussion. You can also post a message by clicking on Communities on the top navigation bar and selecting your desired community from the list on the My Communities page. From there, select the Discussion tab and click the button that says Post New Message. Enter your subject, type your message, attach any necessary documents, and then hit send. New discussion posts and replies get reviewed by the community manager before they are posted to be sure they abide by community rules.

  Replying to a Discussion Post

To reply to a post, click on the post and then on the Reply button to the right. You can also click on the down arrow to Reply Privately to Sender. 

  Viewing & Sharing Files in the Community Library

To view resources in your community library, click on the library tab. You can view library contents in “list” or “folder” form by clicking the list or folder icon to the right. Then select the folder or subfolder to view.
There are two ways to upload a document to a community:
    • The first option is to click on Participate on the top navigation bar and click on Share a File.
    • The second option is to go to the community where you would like to post the document and select the Library Then click the “Create a Library Entry” button.
Enter a title for your library document, select the community where you wish to enter the document, choose the document type, and click Next.
You can also upload a document when you write a discussion post. You will see an Attach button at the bottom of the page when you are making a post. Click the button and insert your document. The document will then be linked to your discussion post.

  Using the Member Directory

To access the Community Member Directory, click on the Network tab on the top navigation bar and then click Find Connections.  Search by first or last name, company name, employer type, and job function.
To add a member as a contact, locate them using the search, then click the Add as a Contact button to the right of their name. Adding someone as a contact gives you quick access to their profile information and the ability to send private messages faster from your profile. Note: They will need to approve you as a contact before you can view their full profile.

  Community Subscription Options

Members of Special Interest Groups are automatically subscribed to a Consolidated Daily Digest. You can adjust the preferences for each community you're a member of by going to Profile, clicking on My Account, and selecting Community Notifications. 
You can select from the following options:
    • Consolidated Daily Digest: You will receive one email each day containing the previous day's messages from all communities you've chosen to include in your Consolidated Daily Digest.
    • Consolidated Weekly Digest: You will receive one email every Sunday containing a review of the previous week's messages from all communities you've chosen to include in your Consolidated Weekly Digest.
    • Real Time: You will receive an email each time a new message is posted. 
    • Daily Digest: You will receive one email each day containing the previous day’s messages from the individual community
    • No Email: You will not receive emails from an individual community. If you've selected a Consolidated digest, the community's content will be included in your digest. 

  Privacy Controls

To control the information that other members see on your profile, log in to ASAM Connect, go to My Profile, and click on My Account tab to select Privacy Settings. From there, you can choose what information others can see or not see. Be sure to click the Save button when finished. 

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